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Going for your driving test? Know about the tips, insurance & more

With all-time high demand, it is important to know that you are ready before taking the final driving test. It will save the extra hassle of booking another test if you unfortunately don’t qualify. 

Main reasons for failing -

People fail their driving tests for various reasons and mainly it comes to the factor that the learner might not have enough experience. Whether it is about making a silly mistake on the final day lacking enough confidence or being nervous, it is important to gain experience through the courses to succeed in the driving test. 

According to the DVSA, 1 out of 5 people, who fail their driving test generally end up making a silly mistake. 

According to DVSA, 1 in 10 people who are failing their driving test, accepts that the main reason they fail is that they were too nervous.

If you don’t have enough experience, making various silly mistakes becomes common. Thus be it technical faults or wrong judgements in dealing with the tricks, learners can make these mistakes if they don’t practice well enough. 

How to avoid failing?

As previously mentioned, the key here is to make sure you have enough experience before taking your test.

If you have enough experience, it will help to ensure -

  • Get confident in your driving and minimize your nerves
  • Avoid making silly mistakes on the day
  • Have all the manoeuvres nailed down

It is important to be prepared and organised beforehand about -

  • Ensure to know which test centre the test is taking place
  • Make sure to have all the required and correct documentation
  • Have plenty of time to arrive for the test
  • Ensure the car used must meet the requirements

At Confident Pass Driving School, our driving instructor will help you out with these essential things and will help suggest you take your test only when you are ready. Don’t rush if you are not ready. 

What is learner driver insurance?

As a learner driver, it is important to have short-term learner driver insurance before driving someone else’s car or your car for various periods ranging from a few hours to up to 5 months. This is critical to ensure that you are insured on a car in case any incidents occur.

Why would you need learner driver insurance?

  • You can be a provisional driver aged 17-50
  • You can carry out provisional lessons in our car or your car
  • You have learnt to drive in your car and have not passed the practical driving test.

Why should you get learner insurance?

  • To limit the risk to the car owner’s claims
  • To practice with friends and family and get test ready.

It’s important to practice regularly in-between your driving lessons. Doing so can help you gain the experience and confidence needed to pass your test. It will also help keep your lessons and learnings fresh in your mind and speed up your progress towards passing your test.

  •  Without insurance, you can end up getting an unlimited fine and be banned from driving and might get 8 penalty points

Our Learner Driver insurance policies

With 17+ years of experience as an expert driving instructor, he will bring you the insurance policies. Choose our flexible top-up systems This applies to all the learner drivers the new drivers who have passed their driving tests and drivers who could not pass the driving test. Confident Pass Driving School offers flexibility in the insurance policies, that can help to pay only for the coverage you need until you pass the driving test. 

On passing the driving test, you can opt for a 28-day insurance plan until you take the proper yearly insurance. Also, we offer 1 hour to 6 months learner driver insurance. As you get behind the wheel, let safety and security be the main factors. 

The learner driver insurance is suitable for getting extra practice with friends and family. It allows you to start getting some practice in your car ready for the test. Confident Pass Driving School offers flexible learner insurance policies that can be easily arranged.