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At Confident pass driving school, our expert instructors are designed to provide the skills and confidence needed to pass your driving test with ease. Booking the DVSA car test will let you take a step forward to gain the experience to drive. Our proven track record of success and expert instructors will give you the skills and confidence required to pass the DVSA car test successfully. We offer our services in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Harrow and Stanmore.

Book your test online -

At Confident pass driving school, we offer online facilities for booking candidates’ tests providing they provide their license number and theory pass certificate number via the website or Whatsapp. You can also send the payment online to the bank account details. 

We, as your driving instructor, can also book a DVSA Theory Test for you. Please contact us for more assistance-

Duration of the test -

The DVSA car test lasts about 40 minutes to complete. Once done, the test results are revealed verbally and via email.

Book the DVSA car test to upgrade the licence -

We at Confident pass driving school, offer the car test for those who have an automatic licence and now wish to upgrade it to a manual car licence. 

Apply for your first provisional driving licence

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Renew your driving licence

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Booking DVSA test

Mock driving tests - Ensuring to pass the real test at ease

Mock driving tests are an excellent method to determine whether one has received sufficient training to pass your actual driving test with confidence. 

These practice tests help in –

  • Familiarizing with the format and structure of the driving test
  • Helping you to comprehend the expected standards
  • Assisting you in understanding how the test is graded

Fun fact:

1 in every 5 individuals believed that their driving test was a failure as they were marked too harshly. In reality, it was because they failed to understand the required standards for passing the test. 

We ensure to help you -

You can book a package of 20 hours, and we will make sure to sort your test date. We will also inform you once you reach 5 hours of your credit remaining in line with our advice. 


Take the first step towards your driving freedom and book your DVSA car test today!