Confident Pass Driving School

Get rid of your disqualification & apply for the driving test again

In the UK, if you are convicted of drinking and driving or breaking any major road rules, then by the regulations, you will be banned to drive. Even when drivers who have been in prison for more than 5 years, lose their licence as per the laws. 

And to retake the driving test, one needs to wait for the disqualification to get over. If you are convicted of a motoring offence, the court might endorse the driving licence with penalty points or impose a period of disqualification. At Confident pass driving school, we offer our services in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Harrow, Stanmore and Kings Langley. 

The examiner takes the candidate to the motorway or the countryside, local driving and will keep the candidate on the road for 1 hour. Then you will have to go through the test for 1 hour.  Our professional trainer is there to give you a training for 2 hours and then take you to the test. The test is done  for  250 GBP for 2 hours. 

Once you are disqualified, you must not take control or supervise the driving of any vehicle, on a road or public place. The new drivers who are convicted of drinking and driving, in their probationary period, don’t have to automatically retake their driving test, instead, they can only apply where six or more penalty points are crossed. 

State of Disqualification until passing the test -

If you have been disqualified until re-tested, then you will have to apply for a provisional driving licence and retake a practical driving test. And to regain the full entitlement to drive the higher categories of vehicles, it is important to pass a test in the car. 

If you are disqualified until passing an extended test, a Confident pass driving school allows you to make an application for an extended test. 

Duration of Driving Licence & Disqualification –

When the duration is Less than 56 days-

The disqualification states, the court will normally allow you to have the driving licence thay will be then automatically restored once the ban is completed. 

When the duration is more than 56 days –

The licence that is normally retained by the Court can also be cancelled by the court. You will need to apply for the licence to reissue it, and you can do this at the end of the ban by paying the required fee to DVLA. 

Reduction of the period of Banned driver car hire -

You can always request the court to reduce the period of your disqualification, only after you serve –

2 years of the disqualification period – If the period was for more than 2 years but less than 4 years. 

Half of the disqualification period – If the disqualification period was for more than 4 years but less than 10 years

5 years of the disqualification period – If the disqualification was for 10 years or more.