Confident Pass Driving School

At Confident Pass Driving School, we bring about Mock Tests, giving you a way to strengthen practical driving skills before the final driving test. Our mock test will allow you to practice all the driving manoeuvres and emergency stops. We highly recommend taking the mock test & experience driving independently with confidence and getting ready for the driving test. Mock-test car hire is an ideal method that will help you determine if you are ready for the actual driving test. The best way of preparing for the test is as the instructors will attempt to follow the format and feel of the actual driving test as rightly as possible. It will help to point out the level of skill the candidate requires to improve.

If you are feeling concerned about your driving skills, you can opt for a mock driving test & experience the necessary to drive with full confidence. Our mock tests will help you to determine certain factors like –

– Getting a chance to familiarize the format and structure of the driving test
– Helps to comprehend the expected standards
– Assisting in understanding how the overall test is graded

Structure of a Mock Driving Test -

The Eyesight Test

You must know that once the driving test starts, you will be asked to complete a mandatory eyesight before you enter the car. This involves you being able to read a car’s licence plate from almost 20 to 20.5 m away or from a distance of 4 cars lengths. If you are the one who relies on the glasses or contact lenses, then you should carry these things on the day of the mock driving test.

Asking ‘Show me, Tell me Questions

This is one of the most common parts of the driving test. The questions you will be asked during the ‘show me, tell me’ Section of the final driving test, helps to assess your basic understanding of the vehicle. All the “tell me “Questions would be asked by the examiner before the driving starts and all “show me” questions once the driving starts.

Any mistakes caused during the ‘show me, tell me’ Part can be considered minor driving mistakes, it is better to save those strikes by preparing well for this part of the test. You should make sure that your multitasking skills are on point during this round. The instructor might even make the test a bit more challenging to check if you have mastered this section.

Driving Ability Assessment

In Mock-test car hire, just like the actual driving test, our instructor will take you on the route chosen by the test centre, which the candidate should be well aware of. Our instructors will ensure to incorporate a variety of road features and types. It can include both dual carriageways to various multi-lane roundabouts. Our instructor will make it a point to take you to both urban areas and quiet residential areas, to test your hazard perception skills and speed awareness under various traffic conditions.

In this course, 20-minute drive section of the test, our instructor will imitate the actions of the actual examiner, asking you to pull over often to test your ability to park and move off safely. And, for the final 20 minutes, you will have to drive the car according to the directions given by your examiner. Your ability to control the car in terms of steering and road positioning will be monitored closely by the instructor. We will also keep an eye out if you are doing the check-around and observations.

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Manoeuvring Ability

In the driving test you are expected to demonstrate at least one of these 3 manoeuvres –

  • Pulling upon the right
  • Bay Parking
  • ParallelParking

The location where the candidate would demonstrate the manoeuvres depends on the manoeuvre only. For instance, to demonstrate ‘pull up on the right’ or ‘parallel parking’ the instructor would probably choose an isolated road so that there is no time wasted in finding a spot. For bay parking manoeuvres, the test centre car park would serve as the ideal location.

In some of the cases, our instructors will ask you to demonstrate all 3 manoeuvres, if you feel like you require more practice. Mostly, one out of every 3 learner drivers, is asked to execute an emergency stop during the mock driving test. 

Before the final driving test, you will get a mock test of 1 hour with our instructor & 1 hour with the examiner. And we will help you get acquainted with the test routes.