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Driving Test Routes : Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to taking the practical test, there are various factors the learners can do to enhance their chances of passing the test in the first attempt. Taking the lessons with the local driving instructor will make sure you get familiar with the local areas. Practising more with friends and family is a suitable way to grow muscle memory. 

What are driving test routes?

Whenever it comes to taking the driving test, the examiners will not take the students on a route according to their choice around the test centres. At Confident Pass Driving School, our examiners will follow the routes laid out by the DVSA. Each of the driving test centres will come with potential test routes within easy reach and the examiner will be given one at random for each of the practical driving tests. 

Our driving test routes start at the test centre, before moving further to incorporate a wide range of road types and traffic conditions. 

Various Road Types that can appear on your test routes:

Residential and urban areas:

These areas allow you to test your ability to move between different speeds and traffic conditions safely and with confidence. 

Challenging local road types:

These helps to learn about the tricky junctions to one-way systems and even to multi-lane roundabouts. 

Local dual carriageways:

This allows you to test your ability to switch to high-speed roads. 

While the test routes vary slightly, they will try to include the necessary road types, to help the learner to test how ready they are to take the unsupervised roads. 

Now, you can have an idea of what the test routes look like -

Route Number 4
Driving Test Centre
Clifton Rd
End of road right
Abingdon Rd
End of road left
Marsland Rd
Derbyshire Rd
3rd right
Trinity Rd
End of road right
Derbyshire Rd
End of road right
Northenden Rd/Old Hall Rd
Baguley Rd
End of road left
End of road left
3rd left
Fellpark Rd
Brent Rd
End of road left
Sale Rd/Wythenshawe Rd
Palatine Rd
3rd right
Moor End
Moor End
Longley Lane
4th right
Sharston Rd
3rd right
Altrincham Rd
Brooklands Rd
Traffic light ahead
Hope Rd
Hope Rd
Driving Test Centre

In the actual driving test, you can follow the examiner’s directions, and then once you know the driving test routes, you can move on to the independent driving part. To get a better understanding of the whole practical driving test, you can get your information from what happens in a driving test. 

If you suddenly deviate from the decided test route, the examiner will give you directions to get you back on track to the actual route. You need to relax for the big day and perform the test in the best way. 

Note: At Confident Pass Driving School, it is important to remember that a total number of 15 test routes are potentially used by the examiner. Our expert examiners will use only one route on the test day, but it is a good idea to know and familiarize yourself with all the routes. 

Each route is about 40 minutes long and it incorporates a variety of elements, including –

  • roundabouts and bends
  • high-speed areas
  • traffic lights
  • zebra crossings
  • reversing manoeuvres
  • stopping and moving off
  • emergency stops
  • T junctions
  • Approaching junctions

Importance of our driving test routes

Practising on all of the test routes will help you to be prepared for whatever the examiner throws your way. All of the test routes are located within the test centre area, so you won’t have to worry about travelling too far out of your comfort zone. 

The main purpose of the test is to judge your understanding of these various factors, so each of the routes will have everything to ensure that you are fully prepared for the same. 

Once you acquire the knowledge of the area and get familiar with the surroundings in advance, you can take our Mock Test and be prepared for the final driving test.  

How to prepare for my driving test?

Being a student, you should focus on taking driving lessons with our ADI instructor. Our instructors will take you around the roads that are favoured by driving examiners. A good instructor will not just take you around the local area, they will also take you out further to test your skills against unfamiliar roads that might appear in your practical driving test. At Confident Pass Driving School, we make sure you get ready to face anything once you have passed the test. 

Learning to drive with Confidence -

If you are looking for a local, DVSA-approved instructor to help you become a confident driver, we are the ideal solution for you. Our highly experienced instructors will not only help you memorise the test routes, but they will also show you how to adapt to the types of road and traffic conditions, will help you learn how it will be beneficial for passing the test and most importantly, take the unsupervised roads to get test ready. 


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