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Learning to drive made easier with Dual Control Cars

It is always easier and more feasible to learn to drive with the help of dual-control cars. The two sets of controls allow the professional to lend support to you to help you maintain safety, and these cars are used for driving tests too. 

Importance of Dual control car hire –

The use of dual-control cars helps professional instructors keep learners and other road users to be safe on the roads. The dual-control cars feature pedals on the passenger’s side of the car, along with the traditional pedals present on the driver’s side. These controls help our instructor to stop the car by using the extra pedals. 

Dual-control cars enable instructors to do exactly that. In the worst-case scenario, an instructor can use the controls to stop the car and prevent anything dangerous from happening. It’s a great safety net for learner drivers and minimises the risk of an accident during lessons.

Types of Dual Car -

When driving a manual dual-control car, it’s important to note that there will be two pedals on the passenger’s side: the brake and clutch pedals. However, if you’re driving an automatic dual-control car, you’ll only find a brake pedal on the passenger’s side. It’s good to know that there are two types of dual-control pedals available for drivers, Static dual controls and Passive dual controls.

Static Dual Controls: In this scenario, the pedals don’t move when the learner driver presses a pedal. Here, our instructors don’t have to worry about getting their foot stuck by one of the pedals on their side, mainly when the learner steps down on the brake or clutch. 

Passive Dual Controls:  The passive controls move along with the student’s pedals. This turns out to be highly beneficial for our professional instructors. It allows them to follow what the students are doing. 

Dual control car hire for driving tests enables the instructors to ensure to maintain safety and control measures, they have stopped the car and prevented anything dangerous.  

As a learner, it’s important to pay attention to your instructor’s guidance and warnings. However, there may be situations where the instructor needs to take control to prevent accidents from happening. This is why having dual controls is so important. Without them, accidents can occur more easily. So, always make sure to listen to your instructor and follow their instructions carefully.