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Are you ready to take your practical driving test? If yes, then book a Driving test with Confident Pass Driving School. Our expert instructors will help to make the process of booking the driving test easy and also find available driving slots. It is crucial to know that you are ready with all the formalities before taking the final driving test. 

What is a practical driving test?

Once you are ready to start driving without your instructor will ensure that you are ready for the final driving test. The practical driving test is the final step in the learning to drive course. Take the car on the road with the examiner and perform various manoeuvres, perform according to the situations, show that you abide by the Highway Code by the way you drive and perform driving according to various criteria. Whether you are driving a manual car or an automatic car, the process of booking a Driving test in Hendon, Mill Hill, Barnet, Enfield, Stevenage, Letchworth, and Uxbridge will remain the same. 

The final car test is intended to make sure that the learner drivers have mastered the essential driving skills, including the control of the vehicle, observing traffic rules and making safe decisions while being present on the road. Upon completing the test, you will receive the licence if you pass the test and will be able to legally drive the car on your own. If not, then you will have to rebook the test again and appear for the driving test once again. 

Here are the documents required to book your car test -

  • Licence number
  • Theory pass certificate number
  • Suitable date & time according to your preference
  • Test centre according to your preference. 

Like – Hendon, Mill Hill, Barnet, Enfield, Stevenage, Letchworth, and Uxbridge

Guidelines to confirm your driving test assessment -

  • Open the website URL (gov.Uk) 
  • Then you can log in by entering your driver’s license number & booking reference or, theory pass number 
  • Once logged in, you can click on the candidate information section 
  • Enter your information i.e. Contact number and email address 

It is essential to add contact information. The examiner needs to reach out to you when there is a delay in the date or time of the driving test or if it is postponed. 

Rebook your test

If you couldn’t pass the test in one go, then you have to mention the date of your last driving test. Also, if you have booked the car test previously, then you need to cancel it, and our instructor will make the fresh bookings. For the fresh booking, you need to provide the booking reference number to proceed. 

Also, if the payment is made beforehand, then you need not worry as you will receive the payment from DVSA within 5 working days. According to the DVSA rule, if you need to rebook the test, you can do it only after 10 days. Please note that the DVSA working days are Monday to Saturday, thus the 10-day gap is to be calculated accordingly. 

Essential Information You Need to Provide -

UK driving licence number: 

  • Theory Pass certificate number:
  • Email ID:  
  • Address:
  • Date of the last driving test

At Confident Pass Driving School, once you complete the test, our examiner will inform you whether you have passed or failed the driving test. On passing, you will get a test pass certificate and will also be qualified to drive in the UK immediately.

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