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Enhance your driving skills all over again with our extended driving test

The extended driving test is court-ordered and it is a long process and is way more demanding than any normal driving test. If you get disqualified as a driver, the court can order you to take the test again, by opting for the extended driving test. Apply for this and ensure to gain your license all over again. We offer our services in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Harrow, Stanmore and Kings Langley. 

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” 

This is a one-hour driving test and it is usually done to reinstate the licence. To take the test, our examiner will take you to the motorway or the countryside for local driving and will keep you on the road for 1 hour. We offer 1 hour training with our trainer and 1 hour with the examiner.. These courses are mainly designed for people who have lost their original UK license for various reasons. 

Learning how to drive is an exciting skill for many individuals. If you have learned to drive or recently passed your test, it is obvious that you will be familiar with the practical driving test. If you have faced disqualifications due to instances like drinking and driving or any other driving offences. At Confident pass driving school, you can apply for the new provisional driving license and drive freely as a learner, once the disqualification period gets over. 

£300 Only

Extended driving test

1 hour with the trainer and 1 hour with the examiner

Offering you 1 hour with the trainer and 1 hour with the examiner to make you test ready & confident.

What will the extended driving test include?

The extended driving test is more detailed, you need to prepare for it well, as much as the original test, and bring out your best to ensure the chance of passing this time. To make sure to pass the next driving test confidently it is wise to choose the extended driving test over the normal one.

Starting from the preferable test centre, the extended driving test will last for a suitable time. Also, this test includes more techniques than any other standard test. You will need to take up the test on your suitable test routes, which is different from your standard driving test. 

The extended driving test is not hard to achieve, as it will not be very different from that of a normal driving test. This test will last longer and you will need to perform more substantially. Extended driving test car rental will allow you to get the best chance and improve all your calibre to get on the road confidently. 

Tips to follow to be successful in the extended driving test-

To give yourself the best possible chance, you need to be relaxed, refreshed and energized on strategies for how to perform driving successfully. 

Stay focused and calm – 

During the test, it is important to stay calm and focused on the test. Also, at Confident pass driving school, you must gain a positive feeling from your previous driving experience. You don’t need to feel nervous but remember to discuss if you have any worries with someone beforehand. 

Follow Instructions & Practice Safe Driving –

You must carefully follow what is being asked to do while taking the test and if you need clarity, ask the examiner to repeat for better understanding. It is essential to demonstrate that you can perform the required tricks, that are being asked, and can also demonstrate how to drive safely. Practising safe driving is important and it includes being aware of traffic flow, maintaining speed limits at all times, parking cars in the proper built-up area and maintaining safe passing distances.

It is important to seek professional help to have a fair chance of passing and make sure to have safe driving choices in the future. Once you have completed and passed the practical test, you can ask the examiner to arrange for your new licence to be given to you. Feel free that you can legally drive as soon as you pass the practical test.