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Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons – The Ultimate Driving Experience Guide

Learning to drive can be an overwhelming experience, it involves a lot about controlling the car, following the road rules and behaviour, identifying risks and following general safe driving procedures. With Automatic and manual driving lessons St Albans, you can plan what kind of vehicle you want to drive in the future and whether to get manual or automatic driving lessons. Both of these lessons will help to improve the learning experience, making a smoother and more enjoyable time. 

It is important to feel comfortable in the driver’s seat as it impacts the overall learning experience. It is about how well an individual learns and retains the knowledge to transform themselves to become a confident driver to start driving solo. When one is just starting the driving lessons, one might wonder which driving lesson to choose first, manual or automatic. 

Importance of Automatic and manual driving lessons –


In a manual car, the driver uses the clutch to select the right gear and connects the transmission to the engine. In most cars, the gear ranges from 1 to 5. The first gear is used at the minimum speeds, while the 5th gear is ideal when the car is. Learning to drive a manual car is more challenging than driving an automatic, but it can also be more rewarding. The manual car provides more control over the car and one can feel more connected to the driving experience. 

The Automatic and manual driving lessons St Albans are taught by highly experienced and DVSA-certified instructors who will take the learners through all the necessary steps to become confident and safe drivers. 

They will help mainly in the following – 

  • Understanding the gears of the car
  • Learning how to clutch and shift smoothly
  • Show how to navigate different road conditions


Nowadays automatic cars mainly use a torque converter, along with another automatic transmission. These systems select the gears for you without even using the clutch. The gear shifts on automatic cars provide options like – 

  • P (Park)
  • R (Reverse)
  • N (Neutral)
  • D (Drive) 
  • S (Sport)

Some of the automatics have a slot labelled as  L (Low), which allows to keep the car in the lower gears. 

If one is looking for an easier and more convenient way to learn how to drive, automatic driving lessons are the ideal choice. With an automatic car, one need not worry about changing gears, which means one can focus on developing driving skills and building confidence on the road. 

The expert instructors will help in teaching – 

  • Understanding the controls of the car
  • Accelerate and Brake smoothly
  • Navigate different road conditions

The Driving Experience –


If one passes the test in a manual car, one is allowed to drive an automatic vehicle as well.

If one has a lot of control over the vehicle, creating a more interactive driving experience that the drivers enjoy


Learning to drive automatic cars is easier as they don’t need to learn the clutch control or how to select the right gear. Thus the training process is quicker, shortening the amount of time to drive solo. 

It is important to ensure that it is hard to stall in an automatic car, even if one tries to pull away uphill. It can only happen if one drives in the opposite direction of the car’s gear. 

The hilly countryside drives and driving in heavy traffic are made easier as one doesn’t have to work the clutch to switch the gears. 

Having a preference for learning to drive manual or automatic – 

Some of the learners enjoy driving a manual as it gives them more focus on the road and makes them feel more engaged. And some people prefer their driving experience to be relaxed, for them they might consider manual transmission to be a bit of added stress. It is not about right or wrong, it is about just the preference that depends on the preference. 

Benefits of learning in an automatic car – 

  • No Clutch

When people think of automatic cars, the first thing that gets noticed is that they come with no clutch, thus making it easier and simpler to learn to drive. The gears are selected automatically by the car and according to the speed, one is travelling in. 

  • Suitable for City Driving

If one is expecting to do a lot of stop-and-start while driving, or facing a rush hour, it is comfortable to drive in an automatic car. One need not spend time on the clutch, like with manual cars. 

  • Develop hazard perception skills 

Automatic cars don’t require much coordination, as the learner need not shift their attention between external things like traffic and dangers, and internal things like engine sounds, clutch and gear shift timings. Thus automatic driving lesson allows the learner driver to give the road, other traffic, and hazard ID a bit more focus to learn how to drive safely. 

  • Stress-free learning 

For many people, it is hard to learn how to use the clutch, gears and accelerator. It even makes a person vulnerable and might make their concentration divert. The automatic driving lesson, helps people to build up their confidence more rapidly. 

Benefits of learning in a manual car – 

Buying a manual car is more affordable and it gives more flexibility. Driving a manual car gives the driver more control of the car. The automatic gearboxes are complex, and it is better to handle the gears manually. 

  • Weather Appropriate

With manual cars, one can select the suitable gear for the job, this is mainly beneficial in bad weather, and it is about having more control over the gears. 

  • Long Distance Driving

For people who travel long distances, whether it is about going for work or family purposes, manual cars are a good option. They provide more control over the gear selection to ensure that the driving is efficient and at a pace that one is comfortable with. 

  • Better fuel efficiency 

The manual transmissions come with better fuel efficiency as they don’t require much power to shift the gears. 

The choice between a manual and an automatic car comes from the personal preference and the driving conditions one will face. If one is looking for better control, better fuel efficiency, and lower costs, then one should opt for manual car driving. If want an easier driving experience, less tiring driving, and lower maintenance costs, an automatic car is the best option. 

Things to follow after the lesson is done –

  • Secure the car driving test
  • Follow the required procedures to book the driving test 
  • Take up the mock test, which is almost 2 hours before taking the driving test
  • Know the desired test routes thoroughly to pass the test at once
  • Get a safe and reliable test experience

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